About Us

A first-of-its-kind initiative, Hilleman Laboratories is an equal joint-venture partnership formed between Merck Sharp & Dohme Corp. (MSD), a global research-driven pharmaceutical company and Wellcome Trust, a global charitable foundation dedicated to human and animal health. Headquartered in India and Singapore, Hilleman Laboratories is forging partnerships with stakeholders to leverage technical expertise across the globe.

Our expertise in medical research is targeted towards creating new vaccines in the areas of unmet need as well as adapting existing vaccines for more effective delivery in the low income nations. Numerous barriers hamper access to life-saving vaccines for millions of people living in the developing world. Firstly, the lack of commercial return has limited private sector investment in new solutions for diseases that predominately affect the low income countries. Secondly, many licensed vaccines available in the market today, were developed and manufactured with industrialized world citizens in mind.

We aim to create a novel immunization platform by employing modern technologies focusing on :

  • Thermostability
  • Ease-of-administration
  • Reduced Footprint
  • Affordability

Hilleman Laboratories invests the majority of its resources in the research and clinical assessment of vaccines against strains of diseases prevalent in the developing world (which bears 90% of the global burden of disease). Additionally, we forge partnerships with governments, policy makers, multilateral and international organizations, public-private sector, research and technical institutes, NGOs, philanthropic organizations and other like-minded institutions. Hilleman Laboratories seeks to collaborate, exchange ideas and build a meaningful dialogue and advocacy platform for vaccine discovery to ultimately strengthen public health systems and immunization programs in developing countries over the long-term.