Strategic Plan

In 2019, Hilleman Laboratories embarked on a transformation process to expand its global footprint and widen its network of collaborators, partners and stakeholders.

Central to this strategy is a strong focus on the development of novel and affordable bacterial, viral vector delivery and recombinant platform technologies in the fight against infectious diseases with high unmet medical needs in developing countries.

Hilleman will also pursue strategic collaborations with governments, international organisations and corporate partners for vaccine expertise, translational research, monoclonal antibody product development, technology transfers and clinical trial networks.

Singapore has been identified as an important base for Hilleman Laboratories, as the business hub of the Asia Pacific and the gateway to South East Asia. Key elements of Hilleman Singapore’s operations include:

Working with global/regional/national stakeholders

Developing novel vaccine technologies and platforms by leveraging the vaccine development experience of the last decade

Attracting additional resources locally and from abroad as needed

Capacity building for future needs