Leveraging a diverse suite of platforms, Hilleman can rapidly respond to emerging needs to provide the right solution to control the impact of infections. Find out how we use these platforms in our R&D and manufacturing hub in Singapore


Targeted use of microbial species such as E. coli and P. pastoris as high productivity expression platforms, with a view to reducing cost of production.


Deploying cost-effective platforms for the production of various types of vaccines such as live-virus vector, attenuated, and inactivated vaccines.

Live Viral Vectors

Development of potential targets using the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV) and measles virus vectors (MeV), both of which are established as stable and highly reliable platforms.

RNA-based Platform

Using circular RNA as a vaccine modality could potentially offer greater biostability, thermostability and better immune responses with longer protective responses.

Polysaccharide Conjugation

Leveraging polysaccharide conjugation to develop more effective vaccines which may be a safer alternative.